Project - Mater Maria Catholic College

Client Mater Maria Catholic College

Location 5 Forest Rd, Warriewood NSW

Supplier AS Urban / Area Safe Products

Installer Supply Only

Date March 2020


About Mater Maria Catholic College

The origin of Mater Maria Catholic College began in 1962 when the Sisters of the Good Samaritan began a secondary school for 38 girls located in Narrabeen. In 1964 the college moved to its current location in Warriewood where the college introduced co-education later in 1979 as the community was growing and there was a great demand for co-ed learning. The responsibility of the college was later handed to the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay with their first principal being appointed in 1990.

Over time, there has been drastic evolution of the school facilities in their successful efforts to cater to their growing school community. The college has been influenced around their stunning Mater Maria Chapel with the grand staircase ascending to the core of the college. The facilities that are offered by the school to its community are modern and technologically equipped to ensure the most collaborative and sound communicative experiences can be had through the student’s time at the college. They offer sophisticated learning spaces including education in electronics, digital learning, drama, fitness, hospitality, languages, music, science, woodwork, and visual arts. Through their multiple building structures located throughout the school that enable them to facilitate this degree of learning opportunities, the appropriate and comfortable furniture items must be used to fill these spaces and strengthen the environments the students engage in.

What the client said

The round Spencer Picnic Settings in both 4-sided and 6-sided options are perfect for the student groups and don’t need bolting down. The London seat & table settings were carefully selected against other brands of furniture due to the quality of the cast aluminium frames and the quality of the recycled composite plastic slats. They were sold on the stability of these slats as they do not soften, warp, twist, or buckle in the sun like other recycled plastic furniture. Perfect for staff to relax in their favourite break-out area.

They needed long-lasting maintenance-free table settings for the staff balcony and for the senior student areas on the lower balcony and rooftop. The areas have self-draining, floating tile floors with weight restriction and that can’t have anything bolted onto them. The overall weight of the settings was initially a concern for the floating tiles but proved to be an added advantage for stability with the exposed and windy nature of the hillside location. The round picnic settings didn’t need bolting down and helped spread the weight evenly to protect the floating floor. The free-standing nature of the settings meant they could move them around easily for cleaning or functions.

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