Drinking Fountains

Premium Drinking Fountains and Water Bubblers

Discover AS Urban's range of Premium Drinking Fountains and Water Bubblers, ideal for enhancing public spaces to ensure accessible, clean drinking water in urban environments, from parks to commercial areas. Our fountains and bubblers are designed to withstand daily use while promoting sustainability and public health. Explore our water fountain collection to find the perfect addition to your urban space, fostering a healthier, more inclusive community.

Discover Our Range of Premium Drinking Water Fountains

Explore AS Urban's Premium Drinking Water Fountains, offering styles from sleek stainless steel to our navy blue or monument colour range, tailored for any urban landscape. Our fountains are designed for durability and ease, including eco-conscious bottle refill stations. View our DDA Compliant and Bottle Refill Stations to find your ideal urban hydration solution.

Why AS Urban's Drinking Water Fountains Stand Out

Crafted in Australia with rust-resistant 316 Grade Stainless Steel, our range of drinking water fountains includes sleek Premium and DDA-compliant designs that enhance public spaces. The addition of the Galvin clear lead safe bubblers emphasises our commitment to quality, ensuring a consistent flow of pure water. Choose AS Urban for quick delivery, robust construction, and easy installation, setting the standard for drinking water fountain excellence.

Ideal Settings for Our Bubblers and Drinking Fountains

AS Urban's bubblers and drinking fountains are designed to seamlessly integrate into and enhance a variety of public settings. Educational institutions like schools can benefit from our fountains as a reliable source of hydration for students, promoting health and wellness. Shopping centres can elevate the customer experience by offering convenient hydration points, while parks and recreational areas can use them to complement natural surroundings and encourage active lifestyles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

AS Urban's bubblers are ideal for schools. They are easy to operate, hygienic, and come in DDA-compliant models for accessibility. The aesthetically pleasing designs also enhance school environments, while promoting lessons in environmental responsibility by encouraging the use of refillable bottles.
AS Urban's drinking fountains offer a fusion of style and practicality, improving urban spaces with their accessibility, durability, and sleek designs. They ensure the availability of clean water for all, withstand urban demands, and support sustainability by reducing plastic bottle use. These fountains not only serve the community but also enhance the visual appeal of city landscapes.
AS Urban's water bubblers are specifically designed for minimal maintenance, featuring durable 316 Grade Stainless Steel construction that resists wear and corrosion. Simple to clean with just mild detergents or disinfectants, they also boast user-friendly designs that minimise the need for frequent maintenance. AS Urban provides clear maintenance guidelines, making these bubblers a convenient and dependable choice for any setting.
AS Urban's drinking water fountains offer extensive customisation options to fit various settings and preferences. Customers can choose different colours or finishes thanks to our in-house powder coating plant, allowing for a perfect match with the surrounding environment. Branding or logos can also be added to the fountains. For those with specific bubbler design needs, alternatives to the standard Galvin clear lead safe range are available upon discussion. Additionally, the Venice suite offers the flexibility to adjust the fountain's height for different user groups, like children, with premium and DDA compliant models as standard options. If unique requirements such as additional bottle fillers or dog bowls are needed, our design team is ready to explore these customisations. For installations with unique site conditions, we provide custom drainage or plumbing configurations.


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