Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards

Discover our premium range of removable bollards, expertly designed for versatility in managing vehicular access. Whether you're seeking parking bollards for secure spaces, car park bollards for larger areas, or durable concrete and steel bollards for enhanced protection, our collection meets all your needs. 

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At the intersection of safety and design lies our curated collection of bollards. Whether you’re looking for robust stainless steel bollards to safeguard critical areas or elegantly crafted architectural bollards to elevate the aesthetics of your space, we’ve got the perfect fit for your needs. 

How Our Removable Bollards Help Bring Safety To Your Next Project

Unlock unparalleled safety and versatility for your upcoming project with AS Urban's premium removable bollards. Crafted with precision, our bollards are not just security fixtures, but also flexible solutions that adapt to your ever-changing requirements. We understand the challenges of ensuring safety while preserving aesthetics and functionality, and our bollards address these pain points effortlessly. 

Unlike generic options in the market, AS Urban's bollards come with a promise of durability, ease of installation, and design excellence. Entrust your project's safety needs to a brand that holds a proven track record in urban planning solutions. 

What Applications Benefit From Our Removable Bollards

Building Forecourts and Perimeters: Removable bollards serve as dynamic boundaries, allowing authorised vehicular access during specific times and ensuring the protection of both structures and pedestrians at other times. 

Shopping Centres and Malls: At high-traffic venues like shopping centres, removable bollards provide the flexibility to manage vehicle movement during peak and off-peak hours, ensuring pedestrian safety. 

Government Sites and Utilities: Owing to the critical nature of government sites, it's paramount to have stringent security measures in place. Removable bollards allow for controlled access, ensuring only authorised personnel or vehicles can enter or exit, while offering the flexibility to remove them for larger official events or public gatherings.

Industrial Complexes: In environments with heavy machinery and large vehicles, removable bollards effectively delineate safe zones, ensuring workers' safety. They can also be taken out during the transport of large equipment or during bulk deliveries.

Public and Community Areas - Parks: Parks can benefit from the adaptability of removable bollards, especially during events or maintenance activities. They ensure recreational areas remain vehicle-free zones, guaranteeing the safety of families and children.

Schools and University Campuses: Campuses are always buzzing with students, staff, and vehicles. Removable bollards can be used to create safe pedestrian zones during rush hours, like class changes or student drop-offs and pick-ups, and then removed to facilitate smoother vehicle movement during off-peak times.

Alfresco Dining Areas: With the rise in open-air dining experiences, removable bollards allow establishments to expand their seating onto pavements or streets during business hours. Post-business hours, they can be removed to restore regular traffic flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bollard is deemed removable due to its design and mechanism that allows it to be easily installed and taken out of its mounting or holder. Typically, removable bollards are secured into a receiver or sleeve embedded in the ground and can be unlocked and lifted out when necessary, giving you flexibility without sacrificing security.
Removable bollards serve a multitude of purposes. They're often employed to manage and control vehicular access in areas that might need occasional or seasonal changes, like event venues, parks, or pedestrian zones. By using removable bollards, spaces can quickly be transformed to cater to different needs, balancing both safety and flexibility.
Removable bollard requirements vary based on local regulations and building codes. In some areas or for specific types of establishments, they might be recommended or required to ensure safety and manage traffic. It's always best to consult with your local regulatory authority or a professional to determine specific requirements for your project or property.

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