Environment Policy

Area Safe Products and the Environment

Area Safe Products Pty Ltd is committed to pursuing an ongoing environmental conservation & sustainability policy to meet or exceed statutory law. This includes efficient use of resources, minimising energy use, use of recycled materials in manufacture wherever possible, recycling of waste products or packaging and prevention of all types of pollution.

Resources: Area Safe Products will continue to focus on reducing waste and making the best use of resources including raw materials, water and energy. Careful planning of manufactured product dimensions (e.g. efficient lengths of bollards etc) is undertaken to minimise offcuts and reduce waste. Use of water is minimized at Area Safe: warehouse floors and carpark areas are cleaned by sweeping or blowing, not hosing down. Gardens are planted with native trees and shrubs that provide habitat for native birds and don’t require watering. Office paper use is minimized through a ‘Think Before you Print’ policy. Every desk has a paper recycling box to prevent paper going to general waste.

Energy Use: Area Safe is committed to reducing energy consumption. This is achieved through installation of energy efficient lighting, turning off lights when not in use (e.g. washrooms), turning off all equipment, lights and air-conditioning at the end of each day, minimising the use of air-conditioning by using natural ventilation when possible. Natural skylights are installed in the warehouse roof to obviate the use of electric lighting for 95% of business hours.

Pollution Control: Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced not only by minimizing energy consumption at our office warehouse facility, but also by a company focus on freighting products in ‘knock-down’ dis-assembled form. This reduces the cubic volume of product for transport which reduces the number of trucks on Australia’s roads and the greenhouse gases they emit.

Recycled Materials: Area Safe continues to pursue the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of their products. These materials include: recycled rubber, recycled plastic, recycled composite plastic wood, aluminium, recycled steel and recycled cardboard packaging.

Waste Control: Area Safe Products will continue to focus on reducing waste from the manufacturing process, paper use and packaging across the company. Wastes include general waste, office waste and packaging waste. A paper /cardboard recycling service is used to dispose of waste cardboard packaging materials and office paper. Many Area Safe products are also manufactured from recyclable materials such as steel and aluminium. Discontinued lines and seconds are sold after market to avoid them going to landfill.

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