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Wheelie Bin Enclosures

Wheelie bin enclosures play a pivotal role in maintaining the safety and orderliness of waste management areas. These structures, ranging from domestic wheelie bin enclosures to more robust designs, ensure that bins are both secure and aesthetically contained.

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Asset 3 10 Covered top does not overhang base - can create ‘bank’ of multiple bins. 7 3-fold corner sections - extra strong 12 20mm covered top posts 11 All-in-one slider. No grooves for rubbish, dust and grime to collect in. 6 No weld modular construction 5 Heavy 2mm wall thickness 4 Wide and long striker to stop door bowing or becoming uneven 3 Heavy duty quarter turn camlock - can be customised 2 100% Australian made 14 Standard & custom signage printed in-house 1 Heavy duty stainless steel hinges 8 3mm thickness covertop 13 Multiple shapes & styles 9 Heavy duty steel Waste & Recycle surrounds - can be fitted later.

Wheelie Bin Enclosure
Wheelie Bin Enclosure
Heavy duty stainless steel hinges
Light duty chrome hinges
100% Australian made
Imported from Asia
Heavy duty quarter turn camlock – can be customised
Low quality tri-lock lock
Wide and long striker to stop door bowing
or becoming uneven
Small striker tabs that cause the door to bow and become
loose, eventually breaking
Heavy 2mm wall thickness, Zincanneal sheet
& premium powder coat finish
Imported 1.6mm steel, no anti-corrosion coatings, low quality
powder coat
No-weld, modular construction – complete base unit has
no welds. Sides can be individually replaced if required
Welded or riveted construction – weak, easily damaged, any
damage will require the complete bin to be replaced
3-fold corner sections – extra strong
Single fold and rivet construction – weak, easily damaged
3mm thickness covered top
2mm thickness covered top – easily bent, sags
Heavy duty steel waste & recycling chutes, supported
by heavy duty posts – can be fitted after install too
Plastic or light duty steel chute with no inner support.
No covered top overhang
– can create ‘bank’ of multiple bins
Some tops over hang the base meaning it can
only be used as a single bin
All-in-one slider, no grooves, very easy to clean
Drop in riveted slider that collects rubbish, dust and
is used to butt-out cigarettes. Very hard to clean
20mm covered top posts
Maximum 12mm posts, weak and causes covered top to droop
Multiple shapes & styles
Limited options available
Standard or custom signage printed in-house
Signage by others can be a hassle

Our Stainless Steel Bin Enclosures

AS Urban's stainless steel bin enclosures, notably the Athens Wheelie Bin Enclosure, boast features that clearly set them apart in terms of quality, design, and longevity. Crafted with a heavy 2mm wall thickness in Zincanneal sheet, it promises durability. A diverse range of multiple shapes & styles is available, giving customers flexibility in choice and with both standard and custom signage printed in-house, the hassle of outsourcing signage is eliminated.

The no-weld, modular construction ensures that there are no welds in the complete base unit. This design choice allows sides to be individually replaced if needed, unlike welded or riveted constructions where any damage often means replacing the entire bin.

AS Urban's Athens Wheelie Bin Enclosure, with its Australian Made tag, is a testament to premium quality, innovative design, and longevity.

What is a Wheelie Bin Enclosure?

A wheelie bin enclosure is a dedicated structure designed to house and conceal wheelie bins, which are typically used for waste or recycling. These enclosures offer both functional and aesthetic benefits, ensuring that waste disposal areas remain tidy and visually appealing.

Materials & Components: 

Wheelie bin enclosures are constructed using a variety of materials to suit different environments and preferences:

  • Stainless Steel: A popular material choice due to its durability, resistance to rust, and sleek appearance. Stainless steel enclosures are especially favoured in urban or contemporary settings because of their modern look.
  • Timber Slat: These enclosures are often chosen for their natural aesthetic, blending seamlessly into parks, residential areas, or any setting where a more organic feel is desired. 
  • Powder Coated Steel: This material provides the strength of steel with an added layer of protection against weathering and chipping.
  • Aluminium Slat: Lightweight yet sturdy, their sleek design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing a modern touch to any environment.
  • Enviroslat Composite Slat: As an environmentally friendly alternative, Enviroslat composite slats are made from recycled materials. Their long-lasting nature and eco-friendly attributes make them an excellent choice for sustainable projects. 

Types & Varieties: 

Wheelie bin enclosures come in a range of types and styles, catering to diverse needs:

  • Single vs. Multi-bin Enclosures: While some enclosures are designed to house just one bin, others can accommodate multiple bins, aiding in the separation of recyclables, organic waste, and general trash.
  • Lockable Enclosures: These are designed to prevent unauthorised access, ensuring the waste inside remains uncontaminated and secure.
  • Custom-designed Enclosures: For spaces with unique requirements or aesthetics, custom designs can be created to align with specific themes or functional needs.

Why Invest in Durable Bin Enclosures?

Investing in durable bin enclosures is a wise decision for several compelling reasons:

  • Long-term Cost Savings: Initial investments in high-quality, durable bin enclosures may seem significant, but the long-term financial benefits are undeniable. Durable enclosures mean fewer replacements and repairs over time. With wear and tear being minimal, the lifespan of these enclosures is considerably longer than their less durable counterparts. Over the years, this longevity translates to tangible cost savings, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • Safety & Security: A durable bin enclosure is not just about withstanding the elements; it also plays a crucial role in safety and security. Robust enclosures prevent unauthorised access, reducing risks of identity theft, contamination, or potential hazards. A well-built enclosure also minimises the chances of accidental toppling or damage that could pose safety risks to the public.
  • Aesthetic Value: Durable bin enclosures maintain their appearance over time. They resist wear, fading, and damage, ensuring that public or private spaces retain their aesthetic appeal. This consistent look enhances the overall environment, making spaces more inviting and pleasant.
  • Versatility: High-quality bin enclosures are often designed with versatility in mind. Whether it's accommodating different bin sizes, incorporating features for better waste separation, or blending seamlessly into various environments, their adaptability is a significant advantage.
  • Durability: At its core, the primary reason for investing in a durable bin enclosure is its ability to withstand challenges. Whether facing harsh weather conditions, daily usage wear, or potential vandalism, a durable enclosure remains steadfast, ensuring that its function and form are preserved for years.

Why are Bin Enclosures Important?

Bin enclosures play a crucial role in several aspects of urban planning, waste management, and environmental aesthetics. Here's why they are so important:

  • Protection & OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety): Bin enclosures shield the wheelie bins from harsh weather conditions like rain, sun, or wind, ensuring that waste remains contained and the bins themselves have an extended lifespan. An unsecured bin poses risks like tipping over, becoming a trip hazard, or getting accessed by pests. Enclosures provide a stable environment for the bins, minimising such risks and ensuring public safety.
  • Order & Organisation: By providing designated spaces for different types of waste, like recyclables, organic waste, and general trash, bin enclosures promote efficient waste separation and organisation. Enclosures can prevent overfilling, ensuring that waste doesn't spill out and become a scattered mess, thus maintaining order.
  • Regulation & Compliance: Many councils, business or schools have standards and regulations about waste storage. Bin enclosures ensure that businesses and public spaces comply with these norms, avoiding potential fines or penalties. 
  • Aesthetic Waste Management: No one likes the sight of overflowing or scattered trash. Bin enclosures keep waste out of view, providing a cleaner, tidier appearance to public and private spaces.
  • Wildlife Management: One significant advantage of bin enclosures is the limitation of access for birds and other wildlife. Bin enclosures prevent birds rummaging through exposed rubbish, pulling out food scraps and scattering rubbish in their wake. 

Wrap up:

The investment in high-quality wheelie bin enclosures transcends mere waste containment—it's about prioritising safety, compliance, aesthetics, and long-term cost-effectiveness. Our enclosures stand as a testament to thoughtful urban planning and environmental responsibility. Don't compromise on the integral aspects of waste management. 

We invite you to explore AS Urban's superior range of bin enclosures, each crafted with precision and durability in mind. For more details or personalised recommendations, please get in touch with our team. Your environment deserves the best, and so do you.


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