Project - Clancy Catholic College

Client Clancy Catholic College

Location Carmichael Dr, West Hoxton, NSW

Supplier AS Urban

Installer Supply Only

Date February 2020


About Clancy Catholic College

The beginning of Clancy Catholic College’s story began in January 2006 with the founding Principal, Mr John Robinson. The first Year 7 cohort had a total of 55 students with the schools first Year 12 Cohort completing the HSC in 2011. The school more than 14 years on has a growing population of more than 1200 students with approximately 130 talented staff members with David Fetterplace as the current Principal. The unique story of the young college derives from the foundation under the patronage of Cardinal Edward Bede Clancy who was active and well at the time of the college’s foundation. This opportunity is not typically seen throughout other colleges, so they were able to greatly benefit from his beliefs and passions as a Bishop and cardinal.

The college welcomes many insightful and advantageous opportunities for its community of students and their families to engage in and be a part of. There are multiple electives available to the students including PDHPE, technologies, creative arts, sciences, languages and for the senior stages, VET courses, benefitting the students well beyond their secondary schooling years.

The college’s building program saw a successful completion in January 2020 with many facilities, building structures and furniture pieces implemented to ensure the highest quality could be achieved. This includes a major college oval redevelopment encouraging a safe and active environment for the students to learn and improve their wellbeing.

What the client said

All going very well - the principal is very happy with the furniture and students have not done anything negative like scratch them or anything.

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