Picnic Settings Compared

What are the main differences between picnic settings? What will help me decide on the type of picnic setting that will suit best?

AS Urban picnic settings come in a wide range of styles including 4-sided picnic settings, 2-sided picnic settings, 3-piece picnic settings, plus table and chair settings. The range of quality materials used in their construction include timber slats, recycled composite wood slats, powder coated steel, aluminium, cypress pine and natural teak.

A few subtle differences in the design of the settings are important in their function. Do you want…

* Good shape for group discussions? – see Spencer 4-sided Round Picnic Setting, Macquarie 4-Sided Picnic Settings and 4-sided Aluminium Picnic Settings.

* Wheel chair access for DDA? - see Spencer 4-sided Round Picnic Setting, Aluminium Series settings, Centrepoint pedestal picnic setting and 3-piece picnic settings.

* No horizontal ground frames? (good for aged residents) – see the Spencer 4-Sided Round Picnic Setting, Centrepoint Picnic Setting, or 3-piece picnic settings.

* Maintenance-free timber look? (no ongoing re-finishing) – see the Macquarie Series Picnic Settings (3 types). You can also order custom 3-piece settings with composite wood slats.

* Maintenance free and graffiti resistant? – see the Aluminium Series range.

* Heavy? (can be left free-standing but too heavy for students to move easily) – see the Macquarie Series Picnic Settings (3 types).

* To use space that is close against walls – see Wall Mounted Table/Bench Combination setting.

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