Project - St Clare’s College Waverley

Client St Clare’s College Waverley

Location Carrington Road, Waverley

Supplier AS Urban

Installer Supply Only

Date December 2019


About St Clare’s College Waverly

St Clare’s College was founded by the Three Poor Clare Sisters in 1884 where they were welcomed in Sydney with collections of books and all the requirements needed for schoolwork on their arrival from Dublin. The school began with the first enrolment of 20 girls and one of the founding sisters, Sister M Teresa Lawless, as the first principal. As the population of the school grew, the need for refurbishing was substantial as the original building was beginning to crumble. With the continual building upgrades in the 1900’s, it saw there being more classrooms, an assembly hall, science laboratories, a library and computer and sporing facilities for the girls of St Clare’s.

It had been decided after great consideration that the Poor Clare Sisters would hand over the governance of the college to the Archdiocese of Sydney in 2011. Since then, they were able to continue to improve their facilities and offer greater opportunities to the students. The range of facilities that are offered to the students cater for the needs in a 21st century context. They believe that technology is an integral part of the learning experiences at the college and are continually looking at ways to improve the school as a whole for both the development of the staff and students.

What the client said

There is nothing else quite like it, everyone is impressed. It is great that AS Urban was on the Catholic Schools preferred suppliers list. We are really happy with the furniture and the students love it

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